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Yume'iro no Koi, latest single!

Yume'iro no Koi is the title for her latest single, the ending of Mitsudomoe, a TV anime series broadcasted by  AT-X!

It will be released on August 11, 2010. The accompanying tracks has yet to be announced, so please watch out!

The single is produced by Marble and is the arranger for the song, it is a very slow and sweet song for this series @^-^@

Ishindenshin, Saori Atsumi's latest digital single release has been released for download at Being Giza Studio Full (for Japanese mobile phones) on May 26th.

Starting June 2, 2010, the single will be available for download in iTunes Music Store.

Track information

1. Ishindenshin
2. Niji
Composed and written by Saori Atsumi
Arranged by Saori Atsumi, Shun, TAG, Kazu and Masahiro Fujisaki

To commemorate her 6th anniversary since her debut, she present this 2 new songs to us!

The digital cover of the single will be drawn by the singer herself.


Live performance video!

Hi there, I noticed there was a member except me, ainokaze. Welcome to the community even it's a bit short on members :D

I have found a video link of Saori Atsumi performing live in the subway. The songs performed are Catch Ball, Tsuki ga Waratte, Mousukoshi... Mousukoshi..., Tenkiame and some other songs that I assume to be either covers or her own yet-to-be recorded songs.

The direct link is here: http://www.neo-generation.com/movie/atumisaorimoyaizourojyo.wmv The link will open your Windows Media Player. The video is about 17 minutes long so watch out there, dial-up users :)

Go comment in her blog in whichever language you're best in. Even it's in English or any other language, I'm sure that she'll definitely appreciate the attention from her overseas fans :D Her blog is here: http://www.yaplog.jp/saori-atsumi

She recently wrote the songs for Kanae Itou's 2nd single, hide and seek, released today! She wrote 2 tracks for Kanae Itou's debut single, Yume Miru Kokoro. Go buy them to enjoy the song-writing =)


Hi there! I'm the moderator for this community saori_atsumi. I really love her and heard her first on Midori Days, Mousukoshi... Mousukoshi... which my parents love it as well. The rules and the tag guide can be found in the community profile in which means that everything you need to know is there.

After you've joined the community, please take a while to read through the profile to understand the rules and everything you need to know before posting here.

Oh yes, if anybody knows who made the layout for the community, kaichouwamaid, please tell me since I want the community's layout to be something like that. It's really simple and nice especially the icons beside the mood, music and location~

So, please enjoy yourselves here in the community!